Brisk Festival 2023: A Whirlwind of Emotions in Short Theatrical Works

Dos actores en el teatro en el Brisk Festival LA 2023

The curtain rose, the lights came on, and this year’s Brisk Festival witnessed a true spectacle of creativity and talent for the Latin American theater-loving audience. At the heart of this event were the ten-minute short theatrical works, each a gem in itself, but some stood out remarkably.

Dos actrices en la obra De agua y arena

Azucena Durán and Corina Vela

La actriz Azucena Durán

Azucena Durán

"Of Sand and Water"

Written by Bernat Molina, directed by Jessica Silvetti, and acted by Azucena Durán and Corina Vela, this play immersed the audience in an intense drama. The story of an actress who reflects belatedly on her life’s priorities moved everyone. What’s noteworthy is that this work was a complete experience in just ten minutes, unraveling profound answers that would normally require hours of theater. Azucena Durán and Corina Vela passionately embraced their roles, and Jessica Silvetti used elements like a sandbox and photos of memories to bring the protagonist to a confrontation with her selfish decisions while inviting the audience to reflect on their own choices.

"The Egg"

Directed by Ezequiel Tronconi, written by Nuria Angles, and performed by Naue Souto and Costanza Espejo, this work stood out for several reasons. Naue Souto shone in his role as a modern art exhibitor, with impeccable body language and speech, perfect rhythm, and a touch of reflective humor. The chemistry between Souto and Espejo was undeniable, and the script was carefully crafted. Although the theme wasn’t entirely novel, the combination of acting, direction, and set design gave a fresh twist to contemporary art, prompting viewers to question the boundary between the everyday and the artistic

Una mujer platica con un artista pl´åstico que hizo una escultura llamada "El Huevo"
Actores de teatro en escena futurista

"Amour (Dis)Connect"

This play, which opened the Spanish-language theatrical evening, showcased the art of production at its finest. Although the script was simple and the dialogue sparse, the work was accessible to a diverse audience, including those who didn’t speak Spanish. The actor pair, Humberto Amor and Andrea Ramírez Martínez, who also wrote and directed the piece, interacted with four spotlights that projected futuristic images on separate screens. The costume, props, and lighting transported the audience to a futuristic world from the get-go, turning this play into an exciting opening act.


Although the title might seem controversial, this play turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Written by Josep Maria Miró, directed by Kevi Cass, and performed by Lauchi Olivier and Andres Simonian, it offered a humorous and profound critique of the contradictions of inclusive language. While the theme might remind you of stand-up comedy, the execution was exceptional. Two characters, one self-identifying as black, even though the color of his skin was white, and the other in an advanced state of pregnancy, led the audience in an intelligent and entertaining reflection on hypocrisy.

una pareja confundida por la palabra "Flexisexual"

The Brisk Festival 2023 was a celebration of Latin American theater at its finest. These short works shone brightly on their own and showcased the immense talent of the artists involved. Bravo to all of them, who gifted us unforgettable theatrical moments in just ten minutes.

Jackie Torres is an actress, writer, director, producer, and film, television, radio, and theater professor based in Hollywood, California. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Radio, Film, and Television from the University of Maryland in College Park and a Master's degree in Public Communications from the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras.

Jackie Torres
Author Jackie Torres

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