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At the heart of the entertainment capital, Hollywood, “Planeta Shows” emerges as the ultimate guide to entertainment in California. What truly sets this digital magazine apart is that it’s crafted by artists and contributors who live and breathe the performing arts, music, and the silver screen in this vibrant corner of the world.

At Planeta Shows, we don’t just talk about music concerts, theater productions, film reviews, and art curiosities – we live them passionately! Our team consists of dedicated individuals who have graced the stage, worked behind the scenes, and contributed to the world of entertainment in countless ways.

Our mission is to discover, discuss, promote, and celebrate the arts and culture in California, and we do so with a unique perspective. From the most exclusive events in Hollywood to hidden gems throughout the state, we strive to provide you with a comprehensive view of what California’s art scene has to offer.

At Planeta Shows, we celebrate the numerous voices and visions from around the world. We aim to understand local tensions and joys, sharing these experiences with you. We stand with the actor on the unadorned stage, the director who uncovers unknown meanings in a classic, the playwright, painter, comedian, and composer, all of whom have something authentic to share and seek the right platform to reach audiences who appreciate art in all its forms.

We are here to provoke, inspire, and serve both artists and their audiences. We delve into the broader endeavor of discerning the purpose of our lives and the significance of our city through the magic of performance.

So, join us on this thrilling journey through the world of entertainment in California. Discover top recommendations, find new perspectives, and immerse yourself in the passion for the show in “Planeta Shows,” your guide to entertainment in California!

At Planeta Shows, we explore concerts, plays, cinema and art curiosities with passion and authenticity. We are part of the scene, we know its secrets and we want to share them with you.
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Guide to Theatrical Shows in California
Jackie Torres
Editorial Director
Actress, writer, director, producer, and film, television, radio, and theater professor.
Graphic Designer
Editor, animator and illustrator.
Logistics and finances.
Author Mario Ramírez Reyes
Mario Ramírez Reyes
Creative Director
Actor, comedian, broadcaster, writer and director of film, theater and television
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Digital marketing and management of social networks.
Visual Media
Photography and adaptation of images for visual media.
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