A Circle of Love and Music: Air Supply at the Hollywood Bowl

Air Supply on Hollywood Bowl

On a magical, starlit night at the Hollywood Bowl, the legendary soft rock band, Air Supply, took us on an emotional journey through time and music. Their performance at this iconic venue was not only a tribute to their own hits but also a homage to the band that inspired them from the very beginning, the Beatles. It was an epic evening that bridged generations, where music, friendship, and love resonated in every note.

Air Supply

The Reunion of Air Supply

Forty-eight years after their formation, Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock, the iconic duo of Air Supply, continue to make music together. Their unbreakable bond, forged by their shared love for the Beatles, was the driving force behind their performance at the Hollywood Bowl. Like the Fab Four, Air Supply wanted to leave an indelible mark at this iconic venue, and they succeeded brilliantly.

The Legacy of the Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl, known for hosting the Beatles’ performances in 1964 and 1968, is a place steeped in musical history. For Air Supply, performing here was a dream come true and an opportunity to complete a circle of friendship and music that began with the Beatles. In a touching gesture, at the end of their spectacular concert, they played the chorus of “All You Need Is Love,” the Beatles’ iconic song, as a tribute to the love for music and friendship that has endured for decades.

Air Supply Band
Concert Air Supply

Air Supply's Show

In front of a passionate crowd that included industry legends like David Foster and the most prestigious music agents and managers, Air Supply, accompanied by a talented group of musicians, delighted us with a series of hits that defined an era: “Lost in Love,” “All Out of Love,” “Making Love Out of Nothing at All,” and many more. The audience responded with enthusiasm, singing along to every song.

The Magic of the Night

This concert was a perfect example of what a live performance should be. Air Supply played the hits the audience longed to hear, the lighting and music were flawless, and the open-air stage under the starry sky of the Hollywood Bowl was simply perfect. Whether celebrating with friends and family or sharing the experience with strangers who quickly became friends through music, the night was magical.

Air Supply

Closing the Circle

The Hollywood Bowl witnessed the triumph of the Beatles, and now, Air Supply stood as the undisputed soft rock idols. In this place steeped in history and significance, Air Supply shared their impressive musical journey with an audience that surrendered entirely to their music and emotion. Bravo, Air Supply, for allowing us to be part of this unforgettable experience and for keeping the soft rock flame alive through the decades. Your performance at the Hollywood Bowl will be etched in the memory of all present as an epic moment in the history of music.

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