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Locutor Humberto Luna es reconocido

When one thinks of Hollywood, grand million-dollar budget films, the actors in these movies, and their stars on the Walk of Fame come to mind. However, Hollywood extends to many more areas and personalities. Let’s consider, for example, the Hispanic influence in various forms of mass media: television, live shows, and radio. Several of them have achieved as much or even more viewership than English-language media. A very clear example was when radio host Humberto Luna, on an AM station, which generally doesn’t have high levels of viewership, managed to surpass the number one English-language FM radio program in Los Angeles at the time.

Locutor Humberto Luna es reconocido

Mario Ramírez, Humberto Luna , Estela, Hugo Armando y su esposa Elizabeth Guzmán

Locutor Humberto Luna, cantante King Clave y el comediante Mario Ramírez frente al público.

Humberto Luna

Indeed, while the global influence of Latino entertainers in Los Angeles may not be as widely publicized, their presence in the most competitive and influential media market in the United States is significant. Therefore, the recently celebrated Luna and More Stars event at Stevens Steakhouse in the city of Commerce holds value not only in Hispanic entertainment but also in the history of entertainment in Hollywood and Los Angeles.

At this event, Humberto Luna was honored for his five decades in the entertainment industry. This is relevant not only because Humberto is one of the few radio hosts, in Spanish or English, to have received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame but also because his five decades serve as a historical testament to the Hispanic presence in Los Angeles’ entertainment world. It was not surprising, then, that artists from various performance backgrounds attended this award ceremony, including the evening’s special guest star, Argentine singer-songwriter King Clave, who declared at the event how important Humberto Luna’s reception had been when he first arrived in Los Angeles and how it positively influenced his international success.

Locutor Humberto Luna, cantante King Clave y el comediante Mario Ramírez frente al público.

Humberto Luna entrevista a King Clave

Los comediantes lunáticos Mario_Ramírez y Hugo Armando tocando el piano

Los comediantes “Lunáticos” Mario Ramírez y Hugo Armando

King Clave surprised the audience, many of whom weren’t even born when this star was already dominating the airwaves. However, on the night of Luna and More Stars, King Clave delighted everyone with a voice as clear, emotional, and melodious as it was during his peak years. It was very emotional to see the audience singing along with King Clave, confirming his undeniable talent, still intact at the age of 79. A young audience member commented that King Clave looks so good because he continues to do what he loves, and we could confirm this statement. King Clave, with his voice and interpretive strength, offered an excellent tribute to Humberto Luna, and both shone as brightly as they did during their moments of international recognition.

It was also interesting to witness how younger talents joined this historic event and showcased how Hispanic entertainment has evolved in Los Angeles. Two young singers who captivated the audience with their talent were Mar García “La Indomable,” who impressed not only with her impressive voice for ranchera music but also with her charisma. Camila Soruco, on the other hand, displayed absolute control of the stage while performing cumbias. None of the present artists stuck to a single musical style. Christian Ramos, known primarily as a host on Estrella TV, surprised with romantic songs played on his guitar, introducing a novel aspect of his talent.


Mar García canta a Humberto Luna

One thing worth mentioning is that Humberto Luna always adds a touch of comedy to his radio hosting. Therefore, comedy was expected during his award ceremony. In fact, the event was animated by Mario Ramírez “El Comodín,” who not only was one of the original “lunatics” from “La Hora Lunática,” a program hosted by Humberto Luna on Telemundo, but also displayed the good humor that led him to hold the record for the most theatrical performances at Los Pinos Theater in Los Angeles. At one point during the award ceremony, Mario Ramírez delivered a comedy routine alongside Hugo Armando, another original comedian from La Hora Lunática, which had everyone in stitches. An emotional and humorous moment of the night was when Mario Ramírez translated funny and revealing anecdotes about Humberto Luna for Hugo Armando, who has a speech condition.

The event also featured a mix of comedy and music, which has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment for the Hispanic audience in Los Angeles. Alejandro González “El Que Chechente Fernández” brought laughter with his comedic impersonation of Vicente Fernández. Samuel “Chente” Franco reminded us of the Huentitán idol with an excellent imitation. Alfredo Cisneros “Piporrín” brought back this iconic figure from Mexican cinema and music to the Los Angeles stage. Leonardo Rivas “El Divo de América” ignited joy with his impersonation of Juan Gabriel. And in addition to music and comedy, magic was also added to the mix as The Great Omar delighted everyone with magic tricks and an entertaining comedic touch.



Carolina Luna, King Clave, Mario Ramírez y Jackie Torres

Other talents who joined this event included actress Jackie Torres, who produced Humberto Luna’s first TV show, “La Hora Lunática,” Jimmy El Alegre, who performed ranchera music, singer and host Lupita Fernández, and presenters Franco and Rosemary Torres. Congratulations to the producers of this event, Joe Albert of Laugh at Life Productions, Hugo Armando of Radio Risas, and producer Elizabeth Guzmán, for putting together an enjoyable award ceremony filled with entertainment, worthy of inclusion in the annals of Hispanic entertainment history in Los Angeles. Congratulations, Humberto Luna, may your successes continue, and long live Luna and More Stars!

Jackie Torres is an actress, writer, director, producer, and film, television, radio, and theater professor based in Hollywood, California. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Radio, Film, and Television from the University of Maryland in College Park and a Master's degree in Public Communications from the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras.

Jackie Torres
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