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Welcome to Planeta Shows, your compass for family entertainment in the vast universe of performing and visual arts!

We’re like a lighthouse in the digital ocean, guiding Hispanic families in the United States to a world of fun and excitement without worries. On this intergalactic journey through theater, television, and cinema, we focus on clearing the path of uncomfortable content, ensuring that all ages can enjoy without fear or unexpected surprises.

Our crew consists of passionate independent explorers, united by a noble mission: to discover hidden gems and present them to you, our valuable readers. We embark on a quest to find artistic treasures that are often overshadowed by industry giants but deserve admiration for their values and quality.

We are not just a map; we are a reliable compass. Our information is impartial, without economic influences or political agendas. Here, you’ll find accurate and fresh insights into entertainment, an oasis of transparency amidst the desert of manipulation.

Our collaborators are explorers of the entertainment galaxy, experts in the field, sharing their knowledge to enrich your experience. We open doors to independent artists and producers who strive to create a world of fun for the whole family, uniting those who enjoy art with those who make it happen.

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Our Team

So, get ready to embark on this thrilling odyssey, where family fun is the destination, and quality entertainment is our compass. Welcome to Planeta Shows, where dreams become realities on life's stage!


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